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Hi - Just wanted you to know that for at least the past 4 years in a row I have had severe poison oak several times each year. It's a gift my adorable dogs seems to give to me. We... Read More


In the last 4 weeks, I have taken 4 doses, one each week, and will go on the monthly dose now. I'm feeling so much better, and starting to look normal again. I am so thankful to have the Rhus... Read More

Cheryl S.

This stuff is awesome!!! My friend and I both get poison ivy terribly, have to get shots and dose packs both. She hasn't had it all summer, and actually pulled out poison ivy with her bare hands and didn't get... Read More

Heidi, R.

This product has been a life saver for me. I have been allergic to ivy, oak and sumac for the last 15 years. I could not go outside or touch the dog most of the year. After years of depression,... Read More


I have been allergic to poison ivy since childhood and have learned what it looks like and have stayed away from it. I love hiking and camping and always seem to get poison ivy. I think I would get poison... Read More

Judy R.

I love this product and would't want to be without it. I used to get poison ivy systemically, and would have to have a prescription to get rid of it. I have lots of poison ivy on my property, and... Read More


All of my life, I have been severely allergic to poison ivy, oak, and sumac. At the recommendation of a friend, I tried RhusTox. I have been dealing with the poison vines in the yard and on my property and... Read More

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