Will Rhus Tox interfere with other medications or prescription drugs?

Whenever a new supplement is introduced into a routine, it is imperative to check for any potentially negative consequences. One of the most important things to be aware of is how a new supplement will interact with existing medications being administered. While most prescribed medications made in a laboratory have some type of drug interactions to worry about, most homeopathic solutions and supplements are relatively safe. 

Homeopathic solutions, such as Rhus Tox, are generally very safe and have almost no side effects or negative consequences. Rhus Tox is safe to take with other prescribed medications. There are no known drug interactions to worry about when taking Rhus Tox. While some supplements may not interact with prescribed medications, there are certain herbal combinations that are not recommended to take at the same time. Rhus Tox is safe to take both with other herbal or natural solutions, as well as with prescription medications. Many times a drug interaction can be dangerous while other times the combination may lead to decreased efficacy of one or both of the solutions being administered. While there are no known interactions, there are still a few guidelines to keep in mind when using this solution. When taking Rhus Tox, you want to make sure you avoid eating or drinking 30 minutes after taking it. Since most prescribed medications and store-bought supplements in pill format suggest taking them with food, take those with your breakfast and Rhus Tox after eating for an easy routine. 

While there are no known interactions reported in regards to Rhus Tox, there are a few things you may want to avoid. It is best to avoid orange juice, coffee, mint, mouthwash, and any strong flavored beverages or foods for at least 30 minutes after administering Rhus Tox. While there are no harmful consequences or efficacy concerns, the combination can lead to a somewhat unpleasant aftertaste. While there have been claims that peppermint may counteract the productivity of herbal supplements, there is no concrete evidence supporting this claim in regards to Rhus Tox. 

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