Poison Ivy Leaves

Working and Playing Outdoors?

When the warmer months begin, so does the peak bloom of poison ivy. Right around the time when most people, especially children, long to spend their time outdoors, poison ivy is in full bloom. For those who love exploring the hiking trails, parks, and mountains during the spring and summercoming in contact with poisonous plants is unavoidable.

Poison Ivy in Suburbs and Cities

Even for those who prefer indoor activities, poison ivy is still a risk because it can grow in a multitude of locations including in the yards of suburbs and walkways to your favorite downtown restaurant. These hidden culprits can easily brush against an exposed ankle or arm by accident and cause a blistering, painful rash. 

Know How to Identify Poisonous Plants

With our collection of poison ivy leaves images, you can arm yourself with the knowledge you need to stay safe. While the commonly followed rule of “leaves of three, leave it be,” still apply, there are some additional points of interest made evident in these poison ivy leaves images. While poison ivy always has three leaves, these poison ivy leaves images point out that when determining a poisonous plant from a nonpoisonous plant, the shape of the leaves is an important consideration. There are many non-poisonous plants that have three leaves, as shown below, which may be confused with poison ivy but are actually harmless.

The Shape of Poison Ivy

Another factor illustrated in these images is that poisonous ivy leaves tend to be shaped differently than non-poisonous leaves, such as a larger base and a less oval shape. While poison ivy leaves may change colors based on the seasonsthey will still keep their overall shape and the color is typically darker than other leaves. No matter what time of year it is, stay informed with our helpful image collections.

Rhus Tox Prevents Poison Ivy Rash

For extra protection against the painful rash associated with these poisonous plants, Rhus Tox is a homeopathic solution capable of helping you build an immunity to the effects of poison ivy. Rhus Tox is safe for all ages so you can protect the entire family!


Facts & Images Courtesy of: The Poison Ivy Site

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